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I’ve collected many helpful travel resources over my years of traveling and living in other countries. I’m not talking about products to buy. (I’m putting all those recommendations in my Travel Advice category.) What I’m talking about here are online resources. Usually free websites you can go to that will help you immensely in planning your travels and also while you are on your journey.

I’ve done the research — you get my results

As I’m sure you realize, the biggest problem when “googling” for information is that you get too many results. Weeding through to find what you really want is very time consuming and frustrating. Maybe what you need is on that 3rd page of search results, but the average person will rarely ever venture that far.

My background is that I’m a 40+ year computer geek. I not only love information, I love the challenge of finding information. So when I locate particularly useful websites, I go back again and again. And by “useful” I mean saving me time and/or money!

That’s what I’ll be sharing with you here. You’ll get just the best without having to do all the research. I’ve done it for you.

Travel Resource Articles:

Best Online Weather Tools

What’s the weather where you’re going? More importantly, what’s the overall annual climate pattern? What’s the altitude? Use these weather tools to plan!

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