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As a long time traveler, I’ve discovered a lot about what works and what doesn’t with regards to practical everyday matters while traveling. Now I’m distilling down these trial-and-error experiences into practical travel advice. As you shift your life from less and less living in one place to more and more traveling, your every-day challenges change dramatically. What were simple things like getting your mail, paying your bills or signing documents can become huge logistical nightmares. But it doesn’t need to be so.

Furthermore, when traveling, every item you bring along must be thoroughly considered… How heavy is it? How big? Will it really last or is it too fragile? Does it have multiple uses so I can eliminate something else? Can I possibly get by without it? How often will I really use it?

These are the challenges I’ve met and mastered. These are the sorts of questions that run through my head every time I pack and unpack my suitcase.

Now I have the pleasure of sharing what I’ve learned with you. I can show you how to manage the every day stuff. How to live comfortably out of a suitcase, with no home-base needed at all.  It’s far easier than you may think!

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