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Best Online Weather Tools


Most of the weather sites do a good job of telling you what’s happening right now. They forecast a week or two into the future but after that it gets sketchy. Some have a little historical data as well. My favorites for weather are:  AccuWeather and Wunderground. You can display temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Reminder:  Altitude affects packing and health

Remember that climate varies dramatically by altitude. You’ll discover this quickly if you visit countries in Central America or Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in South America. For example, Quito Ecuador sits right on the equator. But you better pack a sweater and warm jacket. It’s cloudy and cool the majority of the year, rarely even popping up into the “comfortable” temperature range. That’s because Quito sits at nearly 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) elevation.

But head due west to the Pacific coast and visit Pedernales. At sea level you’d be hot and dripping with sweat nearly every day of the year.

Traveling to high altitudes can also pose potentially serious health ramifications. This is especially true if you’ve lived most of your life at sea level or have a history of smoking or breathing problems. There’s less oxygen, so you may find yourself very tired and constantly struggling to breathe. It can also have negative affects for people with high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes. Longer stays at high altitude can even affect heart and kidneys.

I’m not a doctor, so can only tell you to please, do your own homework on this topic! There is plenty of online information available that has been written by qualified medical professionals. Find it and read it. You are the one that knows best your own health history. Take it into consideration when making your choices. If you have questions, consult your medical doctor.

This post has been updated.

Outdated information was deleted. Several new and better climate research tools have since been discovered. All new information has been included in a post in the Over 60 Nomad Lifestyle Guide.
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