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Here you’ll find expert advice on senior travel with a long-term focus. You can travel on a modest budget for months, years or even forever. Go where and when you want. Learn about my easy, safe, comfortable, minimalist style. I share my experiences and research to help make your travels easier and more fun.

Recent Articles:

Colombian Chicken Bus Modern Style

Think you know what a chicken bus is like? Think again. This particular chicken rode in comfort and style, his owner pampering, petting and feeding him as we traveled along. I never saw anyone give so much loving attention to a chicken. What a lucky chicken!

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Three Kings Celebration, Popayán Colombia

Fiesta de Reyes (Festival of the Three Kings / Epiphany) is a national holiday in Colombia. Always in early January and always a big deal with parades and celebrations everywhere. Since Christmas festivities start in early December, that means a full month of continuous special events and family gatherings!

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Colombian Police are Polite and Protective

My recent experience with Colombian police in Popayán left me quite impressed. They’re helpful and polite, and yet still always alert and protective. I’m always happy to see them around. And it seems like the Colombians really like them too.

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Cali, Colombia — a Pleasant Surprise for Tourists!

Be sure to include Cali Colombia in your list of cities to visit when you’re in Colombia. My personal experience is that it’s safe, beautiful and fun. Especially at Christmas time when it’s all dressed up in lights. A delightful mix of old and new. And economical too.

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Baby Buggy Barbques of Cali, Colombia

What can you do with that old used baby buggy in your garage? Give it away to friends or relatives? Take it to the land fill? Or just perhaps… maybe you’ve got a hankering for a portable barbque? Take a look at what’s done in Cali, Colombia by the local street vendors.

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