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Best Motion Sickness “Cure” — Drug Free, Easy


This is another one of those MUST pack items for me. I never go anywhere without my motion sickness wrist bands. And not in my stowed luggage. They are always within quick reach.

I have been always been prone to motion sickness, starting as a small child riding in the backseat of the car. So all my life I’ve had difficulties traveling in boats, airplanes and vehicles on winding mountain roads. I’ve tried Dramamine and other drugs, but they leave me terribly drowsy and feeling “drugged out”. I once spent an entire boating trip fast asleep while my friends partied!

You may be one of those people that is not susceptible to motion sickness. Count yourself lucky! But if you experience frequent, or even just occasional motion sickness, you should always have these handy wrist bands with you. I promise you will be so grateful.

Sea Band

This brand of anti motion sickness wrist bands has been around for many years. I discovered them about 20 years ago. They were hard to find at the time and the only brand available. Now there are lots of similar products… bracelets, nylon straps with velcro, watch band looking straps (but without the watch), some with magnets, aromatherapy added, and even electrical pulse devices to wear on your wrists.

However, I am still quite fond of my original Sea Bands — soft knitted elastic wrist bands with an inner knob-like button. They’re like wearing a small tennis sweat band on your wrist. And just as simple. If they get dirty, wash them. Mine have lasted me for years and years.

Sea Bands - Natural Nausea Relief

Super HIGH benefit, LOW cost item. Qualifies for Amazon Prime and ‘add-on’ item.

How do they work?

The inner button puts pressure on and stimulates the P6 (or Nei-Kuan) acupressure point. Pressure on this point relieves nausea and vomiting. It sounds ridiculously simple, but it works! If I’m feeling queasy, I put them on and experience almost instant relief.

More uses

Another benefit of having a pair of these bands on hand is that they’re not just for motion sickness. Because they’re based on the ancient science of energy meridians and acupressure, they work on all types of nausea, no matter the source.

  • morning sickness from pregnancy
  • post operative nausea
  • chemotherapy or other drug related nausea

Proper position is key to effectiveness

The only thing to be careful about with your Sea Bands is to make sure you’ve actually got them positioned correctly. They must be putting pressure on the P6 point in order to work.

How do you locate the P6 point? Simple again. Just use the fingers on your other hand as a measuring device. Three fingers width down from your wrist crease is where the little button should be pressing. Feel into your wrist at that point. You’ll feel 2 strong thick tendons running from your wrist and a long deep groove in between. The button should nestle into this groove on your inner wrist.

That’s the sweet spot where you’ll experience an almost magical relief from your nausea.

Sea Bands - Natural Nausea Relief

Super HIGH benefit, LOW cost item. Qualifies for Amazon Prime and ‘add-on’ item.

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