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When traveling full time, the stuff you bring along must be thoroughly considered… How heavy is it? How big? Will it really last or fall apart quickly? Does it have multiple uses so I can eliminate something else? Can I possibly get by without it? How often will I really use it? But with the right stuff, I’ve discovered it really is easy and comfortable to live out of a suitcase — even just an overhead carry-on size bag!

Over the years I’ve added new items, and given up on others that didn’t work out as well as I had planned. And even though everyone’s a bit different in this regard, I hope I can shorten your learning curve and help you quickly determine your own list of essential travel stuff.

Eagle Creek Load Warrior Carry-on Review

Eagle Creek Load Warrior Carry-on Review

The Eagle Creek Load Warrior Carry-on wheeled bag is my first choice for light-weight minimalist travel. No more checking bags or waiting to pick them up. But there are two different models, so make sure you understand the differences.

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