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Volcán Panama – Flower Festival


The Flower Festival is a fun 3-day event held in the small mountain town of Volcán, Panama. Volcán is less that 15 miles due west of Boquete where I’ve been staying. But that’s as-the-crow-flies miles. With an 11,000 ft high volcano between the two towns, there is no easy, direct route. And since I’m only doing public transport right now, getting to Volcán from Boquete was an event in itself. My journey took two buses, 60 miles and over 3 hours.  But the beautiful scenery made it well worth the time.

San Benito Agricultural College

The grounds of the local agricultural college is transformed into a sort of fairgrounds. They erect a large stage and put up canopy covered seating. Vendors in tents are scattered all around with everything from potted plants to grilled sausages. There’s even a mini-zip line set up between two tall trees, promoting a full size zip-line park. All permanent buildings are filled with local artists and their handicrafts.

Flower Festival “statues”

As expected, the main attraction is the beautiful flowers. A lot of work and attention has gone into creating over-sized flower “statues”. You’ll see them all around the school grounds. And even more stationed in spots around town.

There’s also a large area planted with all sorts of gorgeous leafy green veggies. I had to resist the urge to bend down and pick some.

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