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Else Kientzler Botanical Gardens, Sarchí


Else Kientzler Jardin Botánico is a really beautiful well-tended relaxing botanical gardens. If you are already in town checking out the famous Sarchi oxcarts, then this a for-sure addon stop. It’s so green and lush, smells and looks fabulous. I wish I could transport you there for a direct experience.

Here’s an interesting palm I had never seen before. First, the view from across the lake where I can see long clumps of strings of something hanging from the trees.

Intrigued, I walked over to get up close. It was quite amazing to look up at these unusual long strands of hundreds of green seeds. They hang in clusters of 50 or more beaded strings, rather like pearls.

It was only much later that I found out these are called Fishtail Palms. Due to the fact that their leaves are shaped like, well… fish tails! (The more official name is Caryota Palm.) I also learned that you should not touch the seeds without gloves since they are caustic and quite irritating to skin and mucous membranes. Luckily, I had not done that!


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Directions to Else Kientzler gardens

You can walk to Else Kientzler quite easily, it’s less than 1½ Km from the giant oxcart in the park. It’s all uphill, but rather gentle, not steep at all.

The trickier part is getting to the front entrance. Google maps will show you an odd pushpin that seems suspended off in nothingness, away from the road. What you really want is the Botanical Garden Reception building so you can pay the entrance fee and get in to the gardens.

Just head along Ave 1, turn right on Calle 3 (heading North). You will merge up with Calle Sahínal, but simply keep on going.

You’ll soon walk by huge walls on your right. Then you’ll come to a large gate with a guard shack. At first glance it appears to just be the entrance to some sort of large factory. But this is it — exactly where you want to go!

The gate guard may ask you where you are going. But if you just say Jardin Botánico, he’ll let you right through.

Walk through to the dead-end and turn right. Then follow the dirt/gravel road down and around to the left. You’ll finally see some Else Kientzler signs so you’ll know you’re on the right track. This aerial view shows it best.

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