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Cuenca Charm and Color will Captivate You


I really didn’t get to spend enough time in Cuenca to give you lots of details. But I can share some of the things I really liked.

First impressions of Cuenca

  • Cuenca is laid out so it is quite walkable. It’s also easy to orient yourself by the 4 rivers that run through the town.
  • The official currency is the US dollar. So if you are used to dollars, forget about conversion calculations.
  • I always felt quite safe wherever I went.
  • The grocery stores and local markets are brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy is easy.
  • Taxis are cheap. So if it’s raining or you’re tired, just flag one down.
  • Parque Calderon, the beautiful town square, is green and inviting.
  • There is a large and thriving English-speaking expat community. You’ll be welcomed and invited to their activities if you like in. They’re friendly and willing to help if you have questions about Cuenca.
  • Cuenca has a large variety of restaurants, both in price range and type of cuisine. No matter what worldly flavors you have a craving for, you can likely find something to satisfy you among Cuenca’s offerings.
  • If you’re looking for a particular international item or food stuff that you can’t live without, no worries! Because so many expats live here, someone else has likely had the exact same need… and they’ve already imported enough for everyone.


Examples of Cuenca charm:

Need more information?

Start with Cuenca’s online English newspaper, Cuenca High Life. They offer news, expat living articles, op-ed pieces, classified ads, and more.

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