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Cavtat Croatia — Tiny, Beautiful, Quiet Paradise


To be honest, I spent only two nights in Cavtat Croatia. But if I’d have known how great this place was, I would have definitely scheduled more time here. For sure, this is a new gotta-come-back spot for me!

When I initially made my plans, I knew I would be arriving quite late at the Dubrovnik airport, located about 20 km south of the city. I was just looking for an easy to get to spot, close to the airport, to rest up a day before I headed even further south into Montenegro.

But boy was I surprised by sweet little Cavtat! I spent my intermission day walking all around this idyllic peninsula, taking tons of photos and soaking up the relaxed ambiance. Inviting rocky alcoves revealed sunbathers and swimmers, kayaks and boats skimmed across the waters, dockside restaurants and bars beckoned me with umbrella shaded tables, cold beverages and yummy food. I went swimming in the crystal clear waters and sunbathed on the hot rocks. Lastly, I watched the sun slip into the sea while chatting with other Cavtat visitors.

I am truly smitten. And I am coming back.

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