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Colombia is such a gorgeous country, way more beautiful than I ever imagined. What appeals to me most are the gorgeous views of green green (did I mention green?) mountains as you travel throughout. It’s reminiscent of traveling through the Rocky mountains in the USA, except that here everything is covered in a carpet of lush foliage! From palm trees to pine trees, sweltering hot coastal cities to mountains perpetually topped with snow — it’s all here in Colombia. You’re almost guaranteed to find a climate that suits your preferences. Too hot and humid for you? Then go up to a higher elevation city. Too cold and rainy, head on down to a warmer dryer valley.

My first trip to Colombia was in early February 2016. My original plan was to travel around the country for 3 months exploring cities throughout. I started in Medellin and worked my way south to Manizales and Pereira. I liked Pereria so much I scuttled my big multi-city plans and stayed put for a month. Next I visited the small town of Salento and it totally captured my heart with it’s stunning natural beauty in all directions. I felt like I was growing roots into the mountain side and simply could not move anymore. So I stayed in Salento for about a month and soaked up the nurturing and rejuvenating vibes. I only left because my 90 day tourist visa had come to the end!

I returned several months later, in October. This time I went directly to Salento and applied for my 1-year retirement visa. I originally thought I would set up my “home” in Salento, but have since modified that approach. Now Salento has become my R&R spot in South America. I go there to do nothing, no tourist activities, nada. Just relax and think about life. And when my feet get itchy again, I plot out another trip.

Please see my website for Salento related articles, SalentoVew.com if you’d like to know more. What I’ll post here on Over60Nomad.com will be articles on all the other places I visit in Colombia.

Colombia Articles:

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Be sure to include Cali Colombia in your list of cities to visit when you’re in Colombia. My personal experience is that it’s safe, beautiful and fun. Especially at Christmas time when it’s all dressed up in lights. A delightful mix of old and new. And economical too.

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Baby Buggy Barbques of Cali, Colombia

What can you do with that old used baby buggy in your garage? Give it away to friends or relatives? Take it to the land fill? Or just perhaps… maybe you’ve got a hankering for a portable barbque? Take a look at what’s done in Cali, Colombia by the local street vendors.

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